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In this month’s Writer Wednesday blog my fellow Firebirds and I are talking about our favorite item on our desk. For me, picking one item wasn’t enough. And really, I wanted to share my entire office at my day job! It’s where I spend a significant chunk of time each day, so I’ve turned it […]

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Writer Wednesday: Favorite Item on My Desk

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In this month’s Writer Wednesday blog my fellow Firebirds and I are talking about our favorite item on our desk.

For me, picking one item wasn’t enough. And really, I wanted to share my entire office at my day job! It’s where I spend a significant chunk of time each day, so I’ve turned it into a place where I feel at home, where I’m comfortable, where I feel loved and supported, where I’m surrounded by the things that are important to me.

Being the writer that I am, I took the idea I was given—share your favorite item on your desk—and asked myself, “What if?”

As in, “What if I shared what makes my office so special?”


A peek into my 9-5 sanctuary:



If you’ve checked out my website (soon to be updated and improved, but it’ll do for now), Twitter or Instagram accounts you already know I’m a huge Florida Gator and Chicago Cubs fan, so the picture collages shouldn’t be a surprise.


These collages are filled with candid shots of me with family and friends having fun and making cherished memories over the years.


It’s a wonder what a little spray paint and elbow grease, not to mention help from my fabulous mom and dad, will get you these days! And I must say, the initial idea came from my middle daughter’s creative genius, with me asking myself again that all-important question, “What if I…?”

In a nod to Vince Lombardi (a fellow sports fan and Hall of Fame coach) I took his famous quote and tweaked it for my own purposes to read: Faith, Family and the Florida Gators!


Yes, I’m that much of a sports fan. 🙂


Moving over to my desktop, a place that is rarely accused of being clutter-free, you’ll find two corners that speak to my heart.

On the left a little group with a surprise award I hadn’t expected that brought tears to my eyes. The work I did that made others feel I was deserving of the plaque was work I would have gladly done without any reward. Helping students, helping others, is as natural as breathing. It’s what I believe we should all do. So to receive the award was quite a humbling experience.


The postcard stands for my vision of what I hope my university and the world will one day truly become—a place where diversity, inclusion, acceptance and open-mindedness thrives. It’s a reminder to me of where I come from, where I am, and where I hope to help us all go.

The candy dish with Dove chocolate—well, that’s probably all I need to say about that.

Really, it’s for the days when I deserve a little treat. It’s also a test to my willpower—CAN I RESIST TAKING ONE?!? And it’s for the moments when I’m feeling like: What the hell, go for it!!

The candle, because it relaxes me. And we can all use a little pampering in our lives.


Move to the right corner and you’ll find the heart of what makes me tick:

Family, friends and faith!


My girls, the greatest blessings I’ve been given. My parents, who made me who I am and continue to support and love me. A beautiful crystal gifted to me by a dear, dear friend (Hi Kieran love ya!!). A love note my youngest stuck to my computer while I was away.

And tying it all together, a reminder of my faith—it’s what has kept me going in dark days, what comforts me in trying times, what lightens my mood when I’m doubtful, and what makes every celebration that much more a moment to be thankful.


Finally, when I sit in my desk and look toward the door, I see my To Do whiteboard, with a hand drawn pic from my niece and a couple of mantras to remember:


Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!—Thanks, Jimmy V!

The time to be awesome is now!– Amen, Kid President

You are worth it!!—Thanks, inner me talking to myself! 🙂


I also see another reminder of why I do what I do and why I am who I am: a pic of me with my girls, a beautiful sunset painting from Thailand (Thanks, G!), and a beautiful replica of Auguste Rodin’s piece “The Cathedral.”


The piece of two right hands speaks to me because it evokes strong emotion—in me and so many others—while the two hands just baaaaaaarely touch.

But that whisper of a touch shows how easily you can affect others. How a simple gesture can create love, hate, pleasure or pain.

In the romance novels I love to read and write, our characters experience all of those emotions and so much more. Yet in the end, they conquer the bad, move past the pain, and vanquish the hate so that love, compassion, pleasure and peace prevail.

That’s what happens in my fellow Firebird sister KD Fleming’s novel, Her Hometown Reporter.


Here’s a little blurb to whet your romance-reading appetite.


The reporter is looking for a story that’ll be his ticket out of his small Georgia town. With her political connections, legal assistant Gina Lawson could help Toby realize his aspirations. Their friendship is just an added bonus, but falling in love isn’t part of his five-year plan. 

Gina’s devoted to her family and community, and doesn’t plan to ever leave. Though she finds her favorite reporter maddeningly irresistible, she must guard her heart. But when a betrayal of trust threatens to shatter both their dreams, will Gina and Toby learn that they share the same values after all?

Check out KD’s book at Amazon, Barnes &  Noble, and HQN


But before you go, I’d love to hear what special something you have on your desk or in your work area. What motivates you? What makes you smile? What keeps you going when the day seems to NEVER end?

It’s always fun to get a peek into someone else’s office and see what’s special to them. I’d love to hear about yours! 🙂

And remember, there are many of us sharing our favorite desk items today, so hop on over to my fellow Firebird sisters’ sites and see what fun they’re cooking up, too!

Contemporary Romance: Tamra Baumann, Jamie Wesley, Kat Cantrell, Lauren Christopher

Paranormal Romance: Kay Hudson

Romantic Suspense: Sharon Wray

Novel with Romantic Elements: Natalie Meg Evans, Jean Willett

Sweet & Faith-based Romance: KD Fleming, Kristen Ethridge

Historical Romance: Kathleen Bittner Roth, Wendy LaCapra


Here’s what we have on tap for you in the coming year, hope we see you back here again!!


25 responses to “Writer Wednesday: Favorite Item on My Desk”

  1. Carol Post says:

    Great post, Pris. It’s really cool how everything has meaning.

  2. Tara Sheets says:

    Pris, your office is so inspiring and *neat*! Love all your pictures. In a perfect world, I’d be able to keep my office lovely like that, but it is a shared space that usually ends up filled with my daughter’s school projects, books, and random stuffed animals. Our Labradoodle also hangs out in there while I write, which means his toys are also part of the “decor”. One thing I have for inspiration is a vision board with images for my current work in progress. No matter how cluttered things get, I can stare up at that and feel focused. Thank you for sharing! I may just be inspired to go clean up now. . . 🙂

    • Hi Tara,

      My office space at home is also a shared space, so it’s much more a hodgepodge of people’s things.

      Love hearing about your vision board. I’ve got one hanging from the curtain rod in our home office, too. Love looking up at it. 🙂

  3. Pris,
    How wonderful that you have surrounded yourself with things that make you smile. And I really like that you have Jimmy V’s saying in your office. His speech was so inspiring. I get teary-eyed every time I hear it, knowing what he was going through. Hugs, Renee

  4. Renee,

    Jimmy V is such an inspiration! My youngest had to do a project on an inspiration speech in her Honors Oral Communication class during high school. We had such a great experience talking about him and his foundation and watching the YouTube video of his speech.

    Truly inspirational!


  5. Kay Hudson says:

    Even though I’m an FSU graduate, Pris, and barely follow sports at all, I enjoy your enthusiastic Gator posts. And your work office is great – I love all the pictures.

  6. Sharon Wray says:

    I absolutely LOVE your office, Priscilla. Thank you so much for sharing those photos. My favorite is the one of you and your three beautiful daughters. My second favorite is the drawing from your niece. Those are priceless treasures!

    • Sharon,

      You’re right, the pics and the drawing are all priceless. It’s amazing how a little piece of paper/photo paper can evoke such wonderful feelings of love when I think of the memories we created when that pic was taken or when the drawing was given to me. 🙂


  7. What a fantastic space you have, Pris! I wouldn’t dare show you my work office. I’m generally a really neat and tidy person, EXCEPT when it comes to my desks at home and work!

    You have a lovely family! Thanks for sharing this today!!

  8. Jean Willett says:

    Wonderful snapshot of the passing years and a very peaceful office. I remember photos of your girls when they were younger. You have to be so proud as they’ve all grown up to be beautiful women like their mama.
    I’ll miss seeing you in NYC, but I’ll be cheering for you. Get ready to carve out a “ME” place at home for you writing desk. You’ll need it!

    • Aww, thanks Jean! I’ll miss seeing you in NYC, too! We gotta find a time for a writer’s weekend or retreat sometime soon. 🙂

      I do have a space in our home office that’s all mine. It’s surrounded by other family items, but I just try to think of as me being surrounded by stuff that belongs to my loved ones. So it’s like they’re there cheering me on. 🙂


  9. I can feel the love, Pris! I’m not at all surprised you’ve made such a warm and welcoming place. & “The time to be awesome is now” is going to be my new motto!

  10. Jamie Wesley says:

    Aww, Pris! I love it! Your office is all that I wish mine was, but I’m too lazy to make it happen. 🙂

    • Jamie, you can do it!!! 🙂

      I love looking at my pictures. They’re a great “brain break” when I’m in the midst of a project and just need a short escape that’ll make me smile.

  11. Pris,
    I’m so jealous of your space. I keep promising myself “someday” I’ll have my own work area. Right now it consists of the kitchen table, where my elbows usually get sticky from the kids’ leftover breakfast. Or hunched over in an arm chair in my living room. Or, alas, on my bed. I’m awful. I have no sense of discipline at all. Maybe if I carved out a space for myself to make me feel more legitimate? Lol.
    I love your pictures and sayings. I adore your Post-It from Belle. Remember all the times we put those little notes in the kids’ lunch boxes? haha. Our time is now.
    It’s wonderful to surround yourself with inspiration–with all the things you love and all the people who love you. We could all hear more of the: “Don’t give up. Don’t EVER give up!” I’m going to hold onto that right now. They’re words I need. 🙂 Thanks for being MY inspiration!

    • Kim MacWonderful,

      You’re a super inspiration on our new GH 2015 loop! That’s part of what I love about being part of a GH class– the camaraderie and new friendships formed.

      We were lucky to find that here with the 2012 Firebirds, and I hope the same happens with our new group.

      Unfortunately my day job isn’t romance writing, but since I spend the better chunk of the day here, I thought I’d share this space.

      My home office– romance writing space– isn’t as big, but it’s a nice little place, if more cluttered than my desk at work. 🙂

      Jimmy V’s quote is super motivational. Hearing him say it is super powerful. If you haven’t seen it on YouTube (geez, my posts are beginning to sound like YouTube commercials), I’d definitely recommend it.

      Thanks for stopping by!!


  12. Aw, I loved your phrase: “another reminder of why I do what I do and why I am who I am.” So sweet, and so true! Your office is awesome with all those wonderful reminders and inspirational items surrounding you! You’ve got everything important right there with you. 🙂

  13. Anita Miller says:

    Priscilla, I LOVE seeing your space! You are such a fabulous person and writer, and I look forward to watching you kick some writing butt. Gigantic hugs to you!

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