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2012 GH Finaling Category
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2012 GH Finaling Manuscript

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Finaled again in 2013 with WHAT’S YOURS IS MINE (also single title contemporary)

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What’s in a Name?

It used to be that if you wrote romance, you did it under a pseudonym as a matter of course. Now, though, I see a lot more writers keeping their own names and proudly pointing to their book covers. These days, if you come up with a pen name, there’s usually a reason. Maybe you work as […]


sometimes it really is about the sex

About a year ago, I wrote in my journal: “This is probably a very bad idea, but what if I wrote about sex workers? I’d have to do it under a new pen name, of course, but what if?” And then I sat there and looked at it and blushed. And then I thought about […]


writing process–blog tag post

There’s a blog tag going around the author community exploring everyone’s writing process. I thought it might be fun to share mine here as well as on my own blog, both for my writer friends and for interested readers. A look behind the curtain, if you will. I was tagged by the awesome Sonali Dev, my […]


Launch party: AJ Larrieu’s Twisted Miracles

Our Firebird friend AJ Larrieu’s fantastic debut novel, Twisted Miracles, came out with Carina Press last week. I’ve had the privilege of reading Dangerous Calling, its sequel, and AJ’s self-published novella, Anchored, which takes place in the same world. I honestly think AJ can take her place in the urban fantasy / paranormal romance echelon […]


In Praise of Difficult Heroines

I’ve been thinking about complex heroines lately. Heroines, that is to say, who are not necessarily easy to like. It strikes me that in romance, it’s far easier to get away with a complex, dark hero. He can act like an ass sometimes, he can be domineering and judgmental and generally a PITA, but as […]


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