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I'm Australian by birth but reside in Southern California. I'm an ex-registered nurse, ex-airline stewardess, ex-fundraiser, and now writer soon to be author. I may be contacted at and I blog there every Monday.

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2012 GH Finaling Category
Romantic Suspense

2012 GH Finaling Manuscript
Exposure. (Re-titled: Desert Exposure.)

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Robena's Fun Facts

I love to sing and dance, but do neither well. Just ask my kids. Book #1, Desert Heat series, Unlock the Truth, The Blue Dolphin, and Desert Exposure. Single title romantic suspense/adventure: Gone Tropical. Amazon Kindle release December 27, 2013.

Hope and Change

I wrote this post several years ago. It’s still relevant today, as once again I contemplate changes in my writing career. While I worked out at the gym, a woman and I talked about change. She’d seen a bumper sticker that read, Hope and Change: I’ll take the hope, you keep the change. That made […]



Creativity is once again on my mind. I watched the movie, Saving Mr. Banks, which dealt with creativity, and how ideas are generated and fostered. On one hand, it showed protecting creativity, and using materials from early life, as in taking some of those real-life snapshots and embellishing them. On the other hand, it clearly […]


Gone Tropical

Want to join me on a tropical adventure? Thank you for allowing me to talk up my latest book, and feel free to spread the word. : ) Today is the Amazon Kindle release day of my romantic suspense/adventure: Gone Tropical. I’m excited to share this story with you, because I took a trip to […]


Book Launch Party for Terri Osburn!

Today is the book launch party for Terri Osburn. Yay! Champagne is on the house, so grab your glass. Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining me in celebrating the launch of Terri’s debut novel, Meant To Be.    Isn’t this a fabulous cover? It says a lot about Terri’s story, and here’s the fantastic back […]


Book Release Day for Highland Surrender

**Confetti toss** ***Break out the cyber-champagne*** Today there is another Firebird book release to celebrate! It is my pleasure to introduce author Tracy Brogan and host her on the release day of her historical romance, Highland Surrender. Isn’t that the most gorgeous cover ever? I suppose it’s a given, with a name like Robena Grant, […]