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Priscilla A. Kissinger is a four-time Golden Heart finalist who writes contemporary romance with a Latino flavor. A single mom with three daughters, Priscilla has an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, works in marketing and publicity, and teaches an online writing course titled "Romance Writing" via She spends her free time writing, reading, playing tennis, training for half marathons, watching sports and singing karaoke with her family. You can find out more about her at or follow her on Twitter at @prisakiss.

Priscilla's Info

2012 GH Finaling Category
Series Contemporary

2012 GH Finaling Manuscript
His Perfect Partner

Previous Finals
2003- Cradle of Love 2008- Trust in Me 2015 – His Perfect Partner

Priscilla's Fun Facts

I’m an avid sports fan– Go Cubs! Go Gators! My favorite food is lasagna, but I’m rarely known to turn down dark chocolate. I make a tasty frozen margarita and am always up for a lazy day on the beach with family and friends, good music and a Keeper Shelf book! One of my favorite quotes is: Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good!  

Writer Wednesdays: Wedding Day Highlight

I’m excited to announce the launch of Writer Wednesdays! Starting today, a group of Firebirds will begin blogging here on the Firebird site or on their own personal blogs (see the list at the bottom of this post). We have a variety of fun topics and questions we’ve posed each other—some relate to our books, […]


Stress & the (Un)Productive Writer

Stress—though technically not (my spellchecker eagerly reminds me), it feels like it should be a four-letter word.   You know the kind I’m talking about. Those words that made your mom threaten to wash your mouth out with soap if she heard them cross your lips. The ones you utter when you stub your toe. […]


San Antonio, Here We Come!

  The RWA National Conference kicks off next week in a city that’s near and dear to my heart—San Antonio, Texas!   My dad was born and raised there, so I have a ton of fun family memories in the San Antonio area. I’ve got cousins, aunts and uncles still living there, with others spread […]


Inspirational Quotes

Life has a tendency to throw us curves. Sometimes they’re personal. Sometimes they’re professional. Sometimes it feels like they’re both. Generally I try to focus on the positive—find the silver lining or the lesson in the teachable moment. But every once in a while I falter and I find myself sinking into doldrums. When that […]


Blog Tag: I’m It!

  A couple of weeks ago I agreed to join in a romance writers’ blog tag. I like games. I like romance writers. Sounded like fun. This is me, the person who is supposed to be learning to say, “Thanks, I’d love to help/say yes/join in, but I’m swamped right now and have to pass […]


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