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I'm a writer living in East Anglia, UK, writing Romantic Historical and Edgy contemporary crime stories. My first love when it comes to writing is nailing character - I love to create people with hearts, souls, dilemmas, hopes and dreams. Having been brought up on blunt British drama, the great William Shakespeare and the adorable and incomparable Jane Austen I like to think I fuse gritty reality with romance and social comedy. When too many ideas are running about my head, I have the lovely East Anglian countryside to inspire and sooth me, not to mention my beloved four-leggedies who, in the case of dogs, are always there with a nose upon the knee. Just to help the romantic mood along, I live in a creaking Tudor farmhouse complete with ghost, spiders, bats and deathwatch beetle. It's a bit of a zoo at times. I'm blessed to have two wonderful men in my life, my husband Richard and son Sam. I finaled for a Golden Heart in my first year as a member of Romance Writers of America, and had a wonderful time in Anaheim at the conference this summer, making new friends and getting a taste of what a vibrant world US romance is. I'm also winner of 2012 Harry Bowling prize for a novel with an Urban setting; see Pop by my website for a read.

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2012 GH Finaling Category
Romantic Elements

2012 GH Finaling Manuscript
A Tangled Season

Natalie Meg's Fun Facts

Love dogs but have a real soft spot for Newfoundlands Started writing age 4.  Mum kept that first novel in her handbag until she died Didn’t like school, school didn’t like me. Should have won the Religious Studies prize in the Upper Fifth as got top marks in end of year exam.  They gave it to the girl who had the next highest marks down. Wasn’t made a Prefect either.  Were they trying to tell me something?

Whatever your art, make space for the unexpected

I was going to blog on keeping healthy as a writer but a quick round-up of my ailments warned me that I was in no position to advise anybody.   As I don’t want to sound like a poor, martyred whinger I’ll sum them up as; Back ache Awful knees Occasional migraines Traumatised fingers The backache […]


A launch, a promise and my tallest tale about Wimbledon

  Generally, the moment my fingers touch a keyboard, they go off like a nervous thoroughbred on a race course.  Except when it comes to writing book #2, when they go all stiff and shy.  What with the editing stages of The Dress Thief and publicising it ahead of its launch on 29th May, I haven’t […]


Blocked? Take your inner artist out for a walk.

One of the most valuable ‘how-to’ books I’ve ever read is Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  Whenever I have that ‘blocked’ feeling – you know the one?  – I reach for Julia.  The book is so thumbed, it’s a pile of pages I keep in jiffy bag. I hate that blocked feeling.  You have a […]


Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be as I go back to school for World Book Day.

It is thirty-five years since I set foot in my old school. Later this  week I shall be back to give a talk to pupils. My visit coincides with World Book Day and they want me to tell them how I came to be a published author. When I got the request to visit, I felt like asking, ‘How did I […]


Going Dark. When it comes to heroes , how far should you go in giving them a dark side?

Lee Child, writer of the Jack Reacher novels, said recently in a radio interview that he believes the reason so many of his readers are women was that Jack Reacher has a ‘feminine emotional intelligence.’  Reacher conducts relationships in a way that women understand, relate to and can trust.  That last word is the clincher […]


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