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You would think after a degree in Philosophy and a law degree that I'd be done with higher education. But my passion to tell better stories pushed me to get an MFA in creating writing. That means that even as my husband and I are publishing my contemporary legal romances, I'm working on a thriller with a romantic subplot. Truth is, I never worked this hard as a lawyer!

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Magdalen's Fun Facts

I’m famous for having two British husbands. My current husband, Ross Beresford (aka Brit Hub 2.1), is a computer software developer and professional proofreader. My ex-husband, Henry Blanco White (aka Brit Hub 1.0), is a intellectual property attorney. They both accompanied me to the Golden Heart Awards ceremony, where–if I’d won–I’d have thanked them profusely. No joke: I had to have two happy marriages before I could write a good love story.

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11 Things Writers Need

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