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2012 Golden Heart Winner
Author of Fiction, Fun, and Fantasy Worlds.

I started writing on a cold, late December evening in 2010. I'd managed to read all the books I had in my house, and wasn't in the mood to re-read any on my "keeper shelf". I complained to my husband that there just weren't enough good books out there.

His response? "So write one."

Sure, how hard could it be? (It is really, really hard! But totally worth it in the end.)

So now, in addition to being a wife of one, mother of two, and reader of everything, I am a writer. And I'll never look back.

I'm also currently living in Bangalore, India, so if you're interested in reading about my experiences, visit

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2012 GH Finaling Category

2012 GH Finaling Manuscript
Never Deal With Dragons A secretary in a post-WWIII dragon/human arbitration office bites off more than she can chew when she volunteers for a random case and has to work closely with her ex.

Lorenda's Fun Facts

Lorenda loves chocolate, hates snakes, cannot cook anything but Hamburger Helper, is a recovering nail biter (4 years bite-free!), was raised in Eastern Oklahoma (the only part of the state with actual hills), and was proud to be named Princess of her local rodeo event at the age of 5–back when she was cute, and before the styles of the 80’s had fully trickled down to her rural community.

I Love Dragons…

Especially when they look like this guy. 🙂   Today marks Day One of Are You a Dragonista? month. “Is this a new National Holiday?” you ask. Unfortunately, no. But I’ve banded together with a group of authors who also write about dragons, and we’re doing an in-your-face push to raise awareness of all things dragon. […]


Ask Tate and Noelle

Today on the Firebirds blog, we have two very special guests, Tate Grayson and Noelle Butler. They’ve graciously stepped away from their day jobs as radio talk show hosts between the pages of  Tell Me Something Good–Firebird Jamie Wesley’s debut novel–to answer a few questions. But first, let’s get to know our experts. If you’re looking […]


Release Day for Jumped!

Some of you may remember back in December, when Colette Auclair’s debut equestrian masterpiece, Thrown, was made available in retail locations the world over (well, some of the world). Let’s see if the book cover (which is awesomely lovely) helps to jump-start your memory. Pretty, right? And guess what? The story inside was just as […]

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Independence Day

Independence Day. It’s a day of celebration. For our freedom, for our country, and for the gifts of friends and family. A good portion of us will be pulling out the lawn chairs and cold drinks, ready and willing to take a day to breathe deep, and relax away from the daily grind of life.  […]


Carina Press – How small press can help build careers.

Firebirds Lorenda Christensen and AJ Larrieu have a lot of things in common in their path to publication. Both were finalists in the 2012 Golden Heart ® competition in paranormal romance (which Lorenda won—Hooray, Lorenda!), and both eventually signed contracts with Carina Press to publish those manuscripts—plus a few more. Today, they’re chatting about what […]


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