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A Different Kind of Storm

A raucous thunderstorm rolled through drought-ridden San Antonio, Texas last night. The wicked beast sat right on top of me while it dumped bucketsful of much needed rain. Lightning lit the room in sizzling flashes, and thunder boomed, not only rattling the windows, but literally shaking my bed and knocking out the internet (I am […]


Dream A Little Dream

Kathleen Bittner Roth is a 2012 Golden Heart Finalist who writes Victorian romance.  Four of her books release in 2014, the fifth in 2015.   Dream researchers report that our dreams might be our greatest untapped resource connecting us to our subconscious and inner knowing. Think of nightmares as an overblown shout-out from your subconscious screaming at you […]


Saved By The Bell!

Celine, book one in my trilogy called When Hearts Dare, is due to release October 7th. This week, I sent in my acknowledgements and dedication pages to my editor. It’s been a long-held tradition for an author to dedicate his or her book to someone special. The one for Celine is particularly special to me, and here’s […]



You’ve likely read stories of someone standing at the edge of a twenty-story building ready to heave off. At the sight of a trained specialist trying to dissuade the individual, the crowd goes wild. The air is suddenly filled with the electric mantra, “jump, jump, jump!” Why would people cry out such a terrible thing […]


The Importance of Secondary Characters

Secondary characters are vital in films and books. They inhabit the story in order to add breadth and depth to the main characters and to give them relevance. Everything about a secondary character revolves around the main characters. Let me show you what I mean. Here is the logline for The Seduction of Sarah Marks, […]


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