All About Kay Hudson

Kay lives in the Houston area, where she is currently serving as president of West Houston RWA and treasurer of Houston Bay Area RWA (she needs to work on saying "no"). She writes humorous paranormal romance, reads pretty much everything, and wishes she had more time for both, since she works full time and spends a lot of time commuting.

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2012 GH Finaling Category

2012 GH Finaling Manuscript
Bathtub Jinn

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2011 – Paper Hearts – Historical

Kay's Fun Facts

Kay must have some fun facts somewhere, but she’s still looking for them.  Maybe they’re hidden behind all the books filling up her bookshelves.

Firebird Debut: The Dress Thief

The Dress Thief, Natalie Meg Evans’ debut novel, is a perfectly delectable read, with suspense and romance set against the rising tide of approaching war in the Paris of 1937. Above all, though, Alix Gower’s story comes alive in the world of haute couture, as she uses her talent and skills to move from a […]


Speculative Fiction for History Buffs

Alternate History is one of my favorite subgenres.  When I searched for “alternate history romance” I was given a long list of steampunk romances, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.  I vaguely remembered coming across a couple of genuine alternate history based romances, and between Google and one of those trivia files in […]


Science Fiction for Romance Lovers

Romance lovers, I think, tend to be more interested in reading about people than about technology, which may lead some of us to shy away from science fiction.  Not me–I’ve been a science fiction fan far longer than I’ve been reading romance.  Many science fiction authors write as much about people and their relationships as […]


Kay Hudson Excerpt: Jinn on the Rocks

Here’s a scene from the first chapter of my work in (very slow) progress, Jinn on the Rocks.  Set up:   Zee, a jinn changeling who has lived all her long life in the mortal world, has been recruited by a goblin named (something that sounds roughly like) Grackle to help him find a missing jinn […]