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6 Writing Tips I Learned While Lying on My Sofa

I binge. I am a binger. Over the past few weeks, I have binge-watched “The Americans,” “Game of Thrones” (which, for obvious reasons, I want to rename “Game of Throwns”), the final season of “Breaking Bad” and “True Detective.” Here’s what I have learned, in no particular order because I am lazy about these things. […]


How I made what should have been a pleasant agent search angsty

My agent search started out normal. I collected agents’ cards at RWA.I logged into (I love querytracker; I love the frowny, red faces for “rejection” and the smiley faces connoting incremental progress and the smiley-faces-with-Jackie-O-sunglasses for offers) and searched and sorted and refined until I had a list of agents I thought might possibly […]