All About Catherine Rull

Started writing novels at 15 after learning at school that the author of 'The Outsiders' (S.E. Hinton) was just 15 when she wrote it.

Writes humorous Women's Contemporary Fiction, Paranormal, Contemporary Romance, Young Adult and Fantasy.

Catherine's Info

2012 GH Finaling Category
Romantic Elements

2012 GH Finaling Manuscript
‘Mere Mortals’

Previous Finals
2014 1st RUNNER UP, Marlene Contest, Romantic Elements (Washington D.C. RW) – Book 6 2013 2nd PLACE, TARA Contest, Women’s Fiction (Tampa Area RWA) – Book 6 2013 3rd PLACE, The Catherine Contest, Romantic Elements (Toronto RWA) – Book 6 Winner – 2012 Central Florida RWA Touch of Magic NSRE – Book 5

Catherine's Fun Facts

Lives in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve lived in 4 countries (Australia, England, the Philippines and Japan), and travelled to a total of 30 countries so far.

Welcome to Heather Ashby’s Book Launch for NEVER FORGET

Hello, readers.  Welcome to Heather Ashby’s interview about Never Forget, the third installment in her “Love in the Fleet” series. Here’s a photo of the USS New York and a little something about Never Forget:                                                      With 7.5 tons of World Trade Center steel melted into her bow, what if there are more souls aboard […]



We’re here today for the launch of Joanne Lockyer’s multi-Golden Heart® finalist debut novel, The Last Light of Dusk, a sweeping regency romance. Here is the description: She’s the brilliant granddaughter of England’s most infamous privateer When Rachel Cavanagh is rescued from drowning by English seafarer Jonathon Lecky, her life is irreparably changed. Despite the briefness of […]


I’ll Take Care of That for You: Working with a Virtual Assistant

As authors take on more tasks from the business side of publishing, many are discovering the need for help with everything from database management to marketing and beyond. The virtual/personal assistant (V/PA) service industry is rapidly evolving, yet many authors hesitate to take advantage of these services. The reasons vary but include concerns about affordability […]


Lost in Translation

Getting published is hard enough, but doing it from Australia, can be even tougher.  It’s not just the time difference, or the expense of overseas postage, phone calls and currency transactions.  It’s the bloody language barrier.  Yep, English shmenglish.  As you all know already, English is not the same all over the world. Now, I’m […]


Meet Sky Crawford – the hero in Heather Ashby’s, “FORGET ME NOT”

   G’day, readers.  Welcome to Heather Ashby’s interview about, FORGET ME NOT, the second instalment in her Love in the Fleet series. Just like with Book 1, half of Heather’s royalties benefit Fisher House Foundation, a charity that supports wounded warriors and their families. Here’s a little something about FMN: Suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome […]


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