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KD Fleming’s Debut Novel Launch Party

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Pemberly Book 1--Nick & Kat



Nick & Kat are in the house!!!! Woohoo! Let’s give it up for Pemberly’s newest campaign rivals and reluctant sweethearts, Nick Delaney and Katherine Harper.

I am so excited that this day has finally arrived. Campaigning for Love, my debut inspirational novel that won the Golden Heart in 2012, released September 2nd.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Katherine Harper can’t be beat.

For Katherine, running for city council is about protecting children from the kind of grim childhood she had. And she won’t let privileged politician’s son Nick Delaney ruin her chances. Like he once ruined her dreams of true love and a family of her own.

Nick has his sights set on public office, not on rekindling a star-crossed romance from years ago. Yet as he and Katherine spend time together on the election circuit, his competitor compels him with her beauty and heart of gold. Falling for the opposition was never in his plans, but Nick will give anything to earn Katherine’s forgiveness and renew their love.

It’s a story about learning how to let go of the old hurts in your life–not for the person who hurt you, but for yourself. Your heart can’t find peace and heal if you keep churning up those painful memories. Let them go so there’s room in your heart for bigger and better things.

The first chapter is on offer as the sample at all on-line retailers. Take a look via one of the links below and see if you want to get to know Nick and Kat and the rest of Pemberly’s citizens a little better.

Amazon   Short link:

Barnes & Noble    Short link:

Books A Million    Short link:

Harlequin   Short Link:

Leave a comment about who you would vote for in Pemberly’s city council race?  Corporate attorney doing penance in family court, Nick Delaney, or former foster kid turned child’s advocate, Katherine Harper?

Thanks for dropping by and sharing this very special event with me. And don’t you think the cover is so pretty?  😛 



17 responses to “KD Fleming’s Debut Novel Launch Party”

  1. Debbie Gillespie says:

    Love this story! I Would have to vote for…. NICK! Kat does not really want the job and Nick finally got his head on straight. With Kat in the background Cheering him on he will do a great job!

  2. TOTALLY voting for the “former foster kid turned child’s advocate!” Congratulations on the release of your debut novel, KD!!! And HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY!!! I am off to purchase a book. Write ON, Girl!!!

  3. Kay Hudson says:

    Congratulations on your debut novel, Karen! Sounds like I need to add it to my Kindle.

  4. robena grant says:

    So thrilled for you! I’m glad Nick and Kat’s story is out in the world. Wishing you huge success.

  5. Jamie Wesley says:

    Yay, Karen! I’m voting for Kat! Women have to stick together!

  6. Congrats, Karen!!

    I’m so happy for you!!! I read the excerpt on Amazon and then 1-clicked it!

    My vote goes to Kat! 🙂

  7. Congrats on your debut, Karen!

    Voting for Kat 🙂 With a name like hers, what could go wrong? 😉 (Other than the fact the letter ‘C’ is a better way to spell ‘Catherine’) :-p

    I’ve just bought my paperback copy – looking forward to it arriving in the mail! 🙂

  8. Terri Osburn says:

    I haven’t bought a paperback in I don’t know how long, but that’s how I ordered this one. And it arrived on my doorstep today. (Gotta love that Prime shipping!) Can’t wait to dig in (after my Oct 6 deadline. *g*)

  9. kd fleming says:

    I feel very honored Terri. And I used Prime too, but mine hasn’t arrived yet. (Oops! I just confessed on the internet to pre-ordering my own book.)

    I’m a newbie–that’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it. 😉

  10. Prisakiss says:

    Yay!!!! Thrilled for your release!

    I’m a day late, but not a dollar short as the book is winging its way to me now! 🙂

    Who would I vote for? Wow, that’s a tough question.

    They both sound like worthy candidates. 🙂 I’m leaning toward Nick, but I’ll let you know once I finish.


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