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Firebirds by the Numbers — One Year Later

Posted by on Jul 16 2013, 8:46 pm

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It’s been one year since the Firebirds all met in person at RWA 2012, strengthened their bond, and cheered for one another at the 2012 Golden Heart ceremony.

Since then, we’ve become even better friends, better writers, and bigger cheerleaders for one another, as the year proved to be a wild and exciting one for our group.

In just the 12 months since the Class of 2012 sat in the Golden Heart ceremony, the Firebirds have:

  • Published 28 books. (See 22 of them here!)
  • Have 41 books already scheduled to publish later in 2013 or in 2014. (A post listing the 41 books to follow!)

The Firebirds are also super proud to have in their ranks:

  • 1 USA Today Bestseller. (Susan M. Boyer for “Lowcountry Boil“)
  • 1 Amazon No. 1 Top-Seller (all books). (Terri Osburn for “Meant to Be”)
  • 1 Nook No. 2 Top-Seller (all books). (Susan M. Boyer for “Lowcountry Boil“)
  • 4 authors who broke the Amazon Top 10 list (all books). (Susan Boyer, #7 for “Lowcountry Boil”; Terri Osburn, #1 for “Meant to Be”; Kim Law, #10 for “Ex on the Beach”; and Tracy Brogan, #2 for “Crazy Little Thing”.)
  • 1 Amazon No. 1 Romantic Comedy Top Seller (Kindle). (Tracy Brogan for “Crazy Little Thing”)
  • 1 Amazon No. 1 Historical Romance Top Seller (Kindle). (Tracy Brogan for “Highland Surrender”)
  • 1 Amazon No. 1 Single Women Top Seller (Kindle). (Kim Law for “Caught on Camera”)
  • 1 author not only crack the “Most Popular” list at Carina Press, but land at No. 1! (Lorenda Christensen for “Never Deal with Dragons”)
  • 1 author who was a Book Sellers Best finalist. (Tracy Brogan for “Highland Surrender”)

The Firebirds also have:

  • 2 RITA nominees for 2013. (Tracy Brogan for “Crazy Little Thing” and Kim Law for her 2009 GH-winning book “Sugar Springs”) 
  • 5 repeat finalists for the 2013 Golden Heart: (Talia Quinn Daniels, Oberon Wonch, Kay Hudson, Joanne Lockyer, and Sharon Wray (who finaled with 2 different manuscripts.)

And have been tearing up the contest circuits:

6 Firebirds finaled and/or won for unpublished manuscripts:

  • Catherine Rull’s “The Fat Chicks’ Club” finaled in the TARA in the Women’s Fiction category, and her “Mere Mortals” won the Touch of Magic in the Novel with Strong Romantic Elements category.
  • Lexi Greene’s “The Billionaire’s Perfect Bride” won the series contemporary section of the 2012 Golden Pen. 
  • Natalie Meg Evans’ “A Dark Flowering” finaled in The Daphne.
  • Sharon Wray’s “Rogue’s Escape” finaled in The Daphne.
  • Pintip Dunn’s “Fit To Die” finaled in The Marlene and The Sheila.
  • Jean Willett’s “Island of Roses” took third place in the 2012 Golden Pen for Novel with Strong Romantic Elements.
  • Eileen Emerson’s “The Unloved Earl” finaled in the 2012 Royal Ascot, The Tara, and The Beacon. It won the 2012 Sheila, Maggie, Put Your Heart in a Book, and The Golden Pen. From those contests, it received eight requests.

3 Firebirds finaled and/or won for published manuscripts:

  • Susan Boyer’s “Lowcountry Boil” won an Agatha for Best First Novel and is nominated for the Daphne du Maurier Award (it won the unpublished division last year) and a Macavity Award for Best First Novel.
  • Tracy Brogan’s “Crazy Little Thing” and “Highland Surrender” were double Golden Quill winners.
  • Kim Law’s “Sugar Springs” finaled in the Gayle Wilson Award for Excellence.

And that’s only our first year! We hope you’ll join us for another year as we keep trying to bring romance-readers the best books possible.


7 responses to “Firebirds by the Numbers — One Year Later”

  1. Elisa Beatty says:

    Wow!! That’s just amazing and wonderful!! GO, FIREBIRDS!!!

  2. This is a mind blower! And goes to show, just keep on keeping on! congratulations to all of you!

  3. Wow, Laurie, it’s pretty amazing to read this recap. Would love to see this as an annual feature with accomplishments in the last year and overall since the 2012 Nationals.

    To all who are going to Atlanta, have a great conference experience.

  4. Woohoo! How great is it to see these numbers? We have some amazing accomplishments in our group … so glad to know all you ladies!!

  5. Marni Folsom says:

    What amazing accomplishments, ladies! I’m so thrilled for you all, and I agree that this would be a fabulous annual post. In the meantime, I’m cheering for everyone as I methodically work my way through the Firebirds’ pubbed list (and eagerly await upcoming releases). Woohoo!!

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