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“Welcome to Fiction Fridays! We plan to give you a short bite of fiction every week – something to enjoy during your lunch hour – but with a twist: We want you to give us the idea for the next installment! Come join in the fun with our first story, a contemporary romance. To get […]

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Fiction Fridays: “Another Time,” Part 2

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“Welcome to Fiction Fridays! We plan to give you a short bite of fiction every week – something to enjoy during your lunch hour – but with a twist: We want you to give us the idea for the next installment! Come join in the fun with our first story, a contemporary romance. To get caught up, read Part 1 here. 

Last week’s winning option: Someone Nick knew in the past who isn’t exactly a “kid”.

Another Time

Part 2

By:  Karen Fleming

Olly caught Nick’s scowl when Andrew came through the door and turned up the wattage on her smile. She’d wanted Nick’s approval, but she also wanted to open his eyes to the fact that she was a desirable woman. His frown sparked a fizz in her bloodstream. Tormenting him could be fun. Very fun.

Andrew took her hands in his and skimmed a kiss on each of her cheeks. “Wow. Liv, you look fantastic.”

She hooked her arm through his. “Nick, you remember Andrew? You guys hung out in high school.”

“Yeah, I remember him. But we didn’t hang out.”

The scratchy clearing of Andrew’s throat a few seconds later sliced through the tense silence holding them captive. “Nick here was our starter. I always ended up chasing his smoke.”

Olivia’s gaze moved between the two men. “Well, Nick isn’t any good at pool. I was smoking him.” Then she angled closer to Andrew, a breath of air the only thing between them. “Care to play me?”

Her glance settled on Nick’s white knuckled grip on his cue and she sent him a smirky grin.

Andrew walked over to the rack and selected a cue stick, weighing its balance. “I can probably hold my own.”

Olivia and Nick exchanged a look. “Don’t let her fool you, Andrew. Olly here can beat the pants off the best of them.”

She leaned against the table beside Nick and ran an appreciative glance from Andrew’s back pockets down to his heels while his back was turned. Nick’s growl was music to her ears.

He wasn’t as skilled as Nick, but the guy could play. Unfortunately, the flex of muscle across his shoulders didn’t make her stomach jump the way it did when Nick flexed—anything.

Nick sat at the bar giving them the physical space for their date, but his eyes followed her every move. The heat of his constant gaze kept her skin warm, almost smoldering. A glass of sparkling water sat next to his beer bottle. She’d moved it further down the bar, but he’d retrieved it, ensuring she had to come to him if she wanted something to quench her thirst.

He lasted two games of her smiling and teasing with Andrew before he pushed away from the bar and plunked his quarters on the side rail. “I’ll take the winner.”

As Olivia freshened the chalk on her cue, she considered letting Andrew win. He was up by two balls. Her next shot was an easy bank that guaranteed she’d sink three balls, but not if she held back on her thrust. The challenge in Nick’s eyes let her know he knew she could make the shot with her eyes closed.

Ready to answer his challenge, she eased between him and the table and let her hip graze his thigh. “You’re blocking my shot.”

 He quirked an eyebrow, his eyes laughing. The heat emanating from his body almost incinerated her dress. “Sure you don’t need some help?”

“It’s not over yet. I still have a shot.” Andrew reached between them for the chalk, his words dampening the embers ready to spark into flame.

Olivia turned… 

Okay readers, our next Round Robin writer needs your help deciding on the twist:

Please leave your vote in the comments section for the following:

(1) Nick finally gives her the “check out” answer, and it’s no.
(2) Nick finally gives her the “check out” answer, and it’s yes.
(3) Olivia wins and sets up new, sexy odds for her game with Nick.
(4) Daniel, Olly’s brother, shows up and stares both men down for messing with his sister.
(5) A biker in the bar recognizes Andrew as the banker who foreclosed on his house. A brawl ensues.
Tune in next Friday to read the next segment of the story! Click here:
  Copyright 2012 by The Firebirds

19 responses to “Fiction Fridays: “Another Time,” Part 2”

  1. LorendaC says:

    I’m all for #3 – skip the passive agressive and start the serious flirt!

  2. Pintip says:

    Love it. I vote for no. 4!

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  4. Kat Cantrell says:

    I’m with Lorenda – lets see Olly go after what she wants!! #3 all the way.

  5. Carol Post says:

    Great job on segment number two, Karen. I’m voting for option #3.

  6. Kay Hudson says:

    The foreclosed biker is tempting, but I think I’ll have to vote for number 3.

  7. Olivia Kelly says:

    Number 3 also! Poor Andrew never really stood a chance… ;D

  8. Yup, I’m on board with #3, too.

    Good job!

  9. Terri Osburn says:

    I can’t believe no one wants to read a bar brawl. Come on. Live a little! LOL!

    Great job, Karen!

  10. […] This next leg was taken by fellow finalist Karen Fleming, who won in her category of Inspirational Romance. But she wrote a steamy little segment for Nick and Olly in Fiction Fridays! Come check it out here: “Another Time,” Part 2, By Karen Fleming. […]

  11. I want to vote so badly, but I’m trying to stay out of it, being on the writing team for this one. 🙂

    I love that Andrew still thinks he “has a shot” … In fact, great double-entendre dialogue in the whole segment!

    Great job, Karen!

  12. Janelle says:

    #4 – Great story so far. Sad I have to wait until next week to know what happens.

  13. Robena Grant says:

    Very nice, Karen. A brawl would be good. A chance to show character, like would Nick go to Andrew’s aid, would either of them fight dirty? Also a good chance for Olly to kiss some bruises. : )

    I’m going with #5.

  14. Karen says:

    Thank you everyone. This was a really fun segment to write. Terri B is up for part 3, so we asked for her input with the options of where to go next, and I liked the idea of a bar room brawl.

    But I’ll be honest, I’m for #2. I want Nick to give her the go ahead with Andrew just to see what she does.

  15. Keep the votes coming, everyone! And share with your friends! Voting will continue until midnight. 🙂

  16. Sharon Wray says:

    It’s a tough decision between #3 and #4. Could you do both? Surely the hero can fight with the biker and flirt with the heroine at the same time. Right! 🙂

  17. Jean Willett says:

    Karen, Karen, I sense some hidden sizzle in you pen! Very nice I love it!

    And my vote is for #5 the bar brawl!! What conflict, and possibly a metaphor for the turmoil ongoing 🙂 How about combining 4&5? Poor Danny walks in to a sizzling sister and is ready to pounce on Nick and Andrew because he knows what they are thinking. For all his frustration,he gets a black-eye while Nick and Andrew are in awe of Olly wielding a vicious pool cue during the brawl

    Sorry..just one of those visual *poof* moments. It’s Eileen’s fault. I’ve been thinking about sprints 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next installment.

  18. Debi Skubic says:

    Hmm, I like a couple of them…how about #4, really shake it up with her brother involved?!

  19. Debra Davis says:

    I like #3. When poor Daniel realizes the chemistry going on between Olivia and Nick, he really steps up his game.
    Oh the conflict that could ensue!

    Can’t wait to see what happens!

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