Small But Meaty: Why Readers Love Small Town Settings

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Small towns. They’ve taken the romance world by storm. North and south. East and west. They’re everywhere. But why. Here are three reason why I think readers love small towns settings. They’re small – I know. A given, right? But seriously. The close proximity of the city limits makes reading about characters in a small […]


Firebirds Take Flight!

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Today I’d like to share will all of you the awesome flight of our 2012 Firebirds. They’ve taken hold of the wind and let their writing soar. Let’s CELEBRATE!! With some Snoopy dancing and foot tapping, lots of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to seal our lips for those with special news….read on! I’m so […]


Launch party: AJ Larrieu’s Twisted Miracles

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Our Firebird friend AJ Larrieu’s fantastic debut novel, Twisted Miracles, came out with Carina Press last week. I’ve had the privilege of reading Dangerous Calling, its sequel, and AJ’s self-published novella, Anchored, which takes place in the same world. I honestly think AJ can take her place in the urban fantasy / paranormal romance echelon […]


6 Writing Tips I Learned While Lying on My Sofa

Posted by on Apr 11 2014, 10:31 am

I binge. I am a binger. Over the past few weeks, I have binge-watched “The Americans,” “Game of Thrones” (which, for obvious reasons, I want to rename “Game of Throwns”), the final season of “Breaking Bad” and “True Detective.” Here’s what I have learned, in no particular order because I am lazy about these things. […]


Blog Tag: I’m It!

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  A couple of weeks ago I agreed to join in a romance writers’ blog tag. I like games. I like romance writers. Sounded like fun. This is me, the person who is supposed to be learning to say, “Thanks, I’d love to help/say yes/join in, but I’m swamped right now and have to pass […]


Whatcha Reading? April Edition

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In February, I wrote a post asking what everyone was reading. I loved the different responses I got and figured if ain’t broken, why fix it? I love reading and I love talking about books. One of my favorite memories is going to my first national RWA conference and being surrounded by 2000 people who […]


All Things Marvel

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I have a baby brother. Meaning, even though he’s an adult at 6’ 2”, I’m still 11 years older. I don’t remember him reading comics books when he was little. And I would have been the one to grow his stash, ‘cause I can admit now, I spoiled him rotten. J But he’s always loved […]



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You’ve likely read stories of someone standing at the edge of a twenty-story building ready to heave off. At the sight of a trained specialist trying to dissuade the individual, the crowd goes wild. The air is suddenly filled with the electric mantra, “jump, jump, jump!” Why would people cry out such a terrible thing […]


Carina Press – How small press can help build careers.

Posted by on Mar 28 2014, 10:17 am

Firebirds Lorenda Christensen and AJ Larrieu have a lot of things in common in their path to publication. Both were finalists in the 2012 Golden Heart ® competition in paranormal romance (which Lorenda won—Hooray, Lorenda!), and both eventually signed contracts with Carina Press to publish those manuscripts—plus a few more. Today, they’re chatting about what […]


It’s RITA/Golden Heart Day! Let’s Celebrate!!

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Today is the day romance writers, unpublished and published, wait for all year. The day they hopefully will receive The Call. No, not the call saying they’ve sold a book (although that’s super, super amazing, too), but The Call indicating they are either a Golden Heart or RITA finalist. That they’ve made the cut out […]

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