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It’s Book Launch Day! And this launch is a special one, because we’re officially launching not one but three books written by our Firebird sister and contemporary writer-extraordinaire,  Talia Quinn. First off, I’ve had the opportunity to read What’s Yours is Mine, and it was lovely. Full of heat, and humor, and just an absolute […]

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A 3-Book Launch (Like 3-Bean Salad, only better)

Posted by on Jan 3 2014, 12:01 am

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It’s Book Launch Day! And this launch is a special one, because we’re officially launching not one but three books written by our Firebird sister and contemporary writer-extraordinaire,  Talia Quinn.

First off, I’ve had the opportunity to read What’s Yours is Mine, and it was lovely. Full of heat, and humor, and just an absolute delight to read. Can you tell everyone a little bit about the story, and how Darcy and Will came to be?

Thanks so much, Lorenda! Here’s a description:

Darcy Jennings just bought a one bedroom condo, a gorgeous oceanside property in the hills north of Santa Barbara. It’s the first time in her life she’s had a permanent home, and it means everything to her. It’s especially sweet after what happened four years ago. That’s behind her now, and the rat who nearly ruined her career, one Will Dougherty, is history.

Will Dougherty just bought a one bedroom condo. He helped build the property with his green, clean designs, and he earmarked this unit as his own. It’s up the road from his newly divorced sister, and it means everything to him. He’s come a long way since the day four years ago when his underhanded coworker, one Darcy Jennings, got him fired. Thankfully, he’ll never have to see her again.

They couldn’t be more wrong, as Darcy discovers when she stumbles into her condo after a long business trip, crawls into bed, and discovers a man there. Will Dougherty. And he says it’s not her bed, it’s his.

Now Will and Darcy have to live together twenty-four hours a day until one of them admits defeat. If only they could keep their hands off each other…


The seed for the idea comes from the snowbound / housebound / living-on-top-of-each-other trope, with its intimacy and built-in conflict that’s so much fun to play with. I needed them both to be stubborn people to make this work. A different kind of person would just say, “Okay, I give up, it’s yours,” and then where’s my story? I liked the idea of a driven career woman. Someone would would strategize and figure out a battle plan. And then it felt natural to pit her against a seemingly easygoing guy who takes the Zen approach and intends to wait her out, Gandhi style.

But once they showed up, they turned out to be far more complicated. Darcy’s yearning for a home of her own softened her, and it turned out Will had to work incredibly hard to maintain that Zen because he had an awful lot of unresolved emotions to work through. And that’s when it got interesting…

I remember you posting a description of this on our email loop. I’m pretty sure I begged you for a copy because I am a SUCKER for the “close encounters of the ‘stuck’ kind” trope. Elevators, single rooms, or even bunkers during wartime, I love watching two people who can’t stand each other mellow out over the course of a book and realize that not all tension is bad tension. And this one didn’t disappoint.

Draw Me In, Raven and Finn’s story, is a novella and a prequel to your Golden Heart winning novel, No Peeking. Both of these stories are part of your Greenpoint Artists series. For all of us not familiar with the Brooklyn area, can you fill us in on what makes this borough so special?


It’s almost accidental that I’ve set the series in Brooklyn. When I wrote No Peeking, I needed an inexpensive place for Alanna to rent an art studio and I thought of Greenpoint. Then it turned out that she had studiomates, and each of them have their own stories. And then I realized that, wait, there’s an interesting (and very romantic) story about how this particular warehouse became an art studio.

I do love Brooklyn, though. I’m crazy about its architectural mix: brownstones down by the East River, brownstones lining the green meadows of Prospect Park, stately turn-of-the-century apartment buildings along Eastern Parkway, the cobblestone streets of DUMBO between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.  I love the cultural richness: artists and musicians mingling (often uncomfortably) with ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg, the store awnings in Greenpoint written in Polish, the Jamaican flavor of Crown Heights, and the Russian restaurants in Brighton Beach.

Brooklyn is everything I love about New York, away from the madding crowd in Times Square. It’s culture and community and a sprinkling of funk. I know there’s a trend toward small town settings in contemporary romance, but I love the city setting. It’s what feels like home to me, and I think it’s rich with story and possibility.  


 I noticed that you’re giving Draw Me In away for free. What made you decide to do this?

I’m new on the scene, which means I have no built-in readership yet. So I figured, why not be like those companies that set out tables at Whole Foods with samples of their cookies? Take a taste, see if you like it. If you do, maybe you’ll come back for more. (It’s certainly worked on me more than once.)

Well, if Draw Me In is anything like What’s Yours is Mine, readers will love it. (In fact, I loaded both it and No Peeking onto my Kindle just this morning.)

Moving on….since we have three different couples “on stage” today, I thought we could play a little game. Similar in spirit to The Newlywed Game, I’m going to list a few things, and I need you to tell me which of your couples would enjoy them the most and why.

Taking a cross-country trip in an RV

Finn from Draw Me In would hightail it away from that RV if it showed up in front of his brownstone! His father and his crazy-making mother are tootling around the country in an RV, and the idea of being like them (or worse, running into them) would give him hives. Raven might drag him into it, though. “One quick jaunt up to Canada,” she’d say, “just to see how we like it.” She does like adventure.

Darcy from What’s Yours is Mine spent too much time on the go as a kid with her military father, and I doubt Will would push her to leave now that she’s finally got a real home of her own. So they’re a no-go.

I’m going with Miles and Alanna from No Peeking. Miles would balk (he’s got a workaholic streak, and who has time for road trips?), but Alanna would know he’d love it, so she’d push him to do it. Then she’d set off with zero preparation. No maps, no brochures, no plans. Which would drive him crazy, and he’d go off to the nearest wifi source and download Best Of lists from all the TripAdvisor type sites he could find. In the end, though, they’d have a fantastic time. A true bonding experience.

Opening a sporting goods store

In Draw Me In, Finn is actively setting up a storefront for Finn’s Fermentation Factory (think mango kimchi and tamarind pickles and other exotic fermented foodstuffs). I’m thinking one store’s probably enough for them. And by the end of No Peeking, Alanna and Miles are–no, I can’t say. Spoiler. But they’ve got their hands full, let’s just say. (And we will check back in with them and see how it’s going in subsequent books.)

So I’m going with Darcy and Will from What’s Yours is Mine. And it’s actually perfect for them. Will would design the space, and it would be awesome, filled with light and gorgeous fixtures and such a sense of belonging that you’d want to move in and live there forever. Darcy would research the perfect running shoe and the best way to display the fishing rods along the wall and have a complete blast doing it. (Hmm… getting a sequel idea here…)

Participating in a reality TV series

Ha! Darcy and Will already feel like they’re in one during the course of What’s Yours is Mine, with everyone in the complex watching what happens in their unit, sussing out who will win this battle for the condo. But I think Alanna from No Peeking is the only one who might feel comfortable under the camera’s scrutiny. Though Miles would hate it, so she’d back out.

(I think my own film/TV background is speaking here. The idea of being on a reality show squicks me out. I know too much about the mechanics.)

Going all out on Halloween/Christmas/other holiday decorating

I’m going with Darcy again, and Will would help her design the decorating scheme. She’s a type A personality. Anything she does has to be done thoroughly (and well). Though Raven and Alanna would be happy to contribute original artwork for the walls, and Finn would bring sausage and sauerkraut, and probably beer and kombucha. Party time!

Thanks, Talia, for allowing me the fun of picking your brain. (And for being a good sport when I sprung a gameshow setup into your blog.)

Well folks, we’re at the end of the blog post, so if you haven’t already left to go buy Talia’s books, we’d love to hear a little about you. Does the thought of being forced into close proximity with a member of the opposite sex make your heart start thumping with excitement or fear?

35 responses to “A 3-Book Launch (Like 3-Bean Salad, only better)”

  1. Pintip says:

    Great interview, ladies! Talia — your characters sound so endearing and real. You talk about them as if they are old friends. 🙂 All three books sound wonderful. Best of luck with this launch and for the many more books to come!

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Thank you, Pintip! Y’know, they do feel like old friends. Once they move in, they live in my brain forever, I think. Just hanging out, going about their lives… (Okay, that sounded kinda creepy. Not how I meant it!)

  2. Terri Osburn says:

    Something tells me you’re a bit of an over achiever. 🙂 Just had to go and show us all up by dropping THREE books at one time. I see how you are.

    As to the question, it would depend upon with whom I had to be stuck. With the right person? (Or the person I thought was wrong but turned out to be right?) I’m game.

    Congrats, lady. Keep kicking butt!

  3. Mona Kekstadt says:

    Awesome interview….loved it, now as for the books…loved the blurbs and want to read them…there right up my alley.

    What Your’s is mine
    Draw Me in
    No peeking….

    And I really love this blog…so much fun…Happy Book Launch Day Talia Quinn….Happy to promote your books….I’m just a person who loves to read and do reviews for authors…who reads a lot and will post gladly on my FB timeline about there new books…Have a great day ladies…Mona

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Thanks, Mona! That would be terrific. Much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the books!

      I know I speak for all the Firebirds when I say that we really enjoy doing this blog. Glad you like it. 🙂

      • Mona Kekstadt says:

        Quick question….reading order? I like reading series in order…so which do I start off with first….
        and no problem…I love to do it…do you have a FB page? If you do I’ll head over there and “like” it…

        • Talia Quinn says:

          Hmm. Draw Me In is the prequel novella to the Greenpoint Artist series, and No Peeking is Book One, so I guess start with that for the series? Though, in truth, there’s not that much connection between the two, just the studio space.

          There will be more connection between stories later on in the series, and characters will show up in each other’s books (including the characters from these two novels). It’s just that there wasn’t much room for it in No Peeking, as much of it takes place in an ad agency, not so much at the studio itself.

          What’s Yours is Mine is currently a standalone. It will eventually have sequels, but not for a while.

          (FWIW, No Peeking does need some review love. It’s got three ratings on Goodreads (two five star and a four star, so yay), but no Amazon reviews yet. My husband’s been bemoaning this lack. I say, “Patience, dude.”)

          No Facebook page, though I do have a FB profile:

          I’m also on Twitter:

          And oh my yes, snow-blind! Bright sun and piles of snow. Ow, my eyes! But it’s a balmy 13 degrees here in NYC. *brrr*

  4. Talia Quinn says:

    Ha, Terri, I had to do *something*, didn’t I? I mean, all around me, Firebirds were doing things like achieving the number one rank at Amazon for their debut novels. (To take one random example.) 🙂

    • Terri Osburn says:

      Trust me, I was as shocked as the rest of you.

      And Kay’s comment reminds me that I love the way you describe Brooklyn. I have unfortunately never been to NYC, but have always wanted to visit. The way you describe this area, I almost want to live there.

      • Talia Quinn says:

        I still can’t believe you’ve never been to NYC, Terri. We must rectify this!

        At some point in the not-too-distant future, I plan to devote a section of my website to shots I’ve taken around the city. Including Brooklyn, of course. (And another section with photos of California.) Maybe that can give you a flavor too…

  5. Mona Kekstadt says:

    Oh! your snow-blind. Me too…So cold in Chicago…last time I checked it was -1…..

  6. This WAS better than 3-bean salad!! Cute interview ladies.

    I am the proud owner of all three of these fantastic sounding books….now to find the time to read them! My firebird sisters are putting them out so fast I can’t keep up. Kudos on all the hard work, research, sweat and courage it must’ve taken to get to this point, Talia. Crossing fingers for tons of sales 🙂

    • Talia Quinn says:

      I know, Tammy! I can’t keep up with the Firebirds’ output either! FWIW, Draw Me In is a novella, just 28K. So maybe you can squeeze that one in. 😉

      And thanks! So far, sales have been good. Which still stuns me.

  7. Kay Hudson says:

    What a fun blog idea, Talia and Lorenda! Very clever. Talia, I’ve only been to New York City once, for the 2011 RWA Conference, and my sightseeing was limited to a couple of slightly wild limo rides (with talkative Russian drivers)and the streets around the hotel (but that did include Times Square), so I’m looking forward to exploring Brooklyn with your Greenpoint Artists.

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Lorenda deserves all the credit, Kay. She came up with the questions–and the Newlywed Game. I loved it too. 🙂

      I have this fantasy of taking the Firebirds (and others, if they want) on a tour of some of my favorite NYC spots when everyone converges here for RWA 2015. It’s probably a pipe dream, though, given how overwhelming the conference always gets. Maybe if people want to come a day or two ahead…?

  8. robena grant says:

    Congrats on the Triple Launch, and the terrific interview. What a great (but I’m sure, exhausting) way to get your name out there. I need to read What’s Yours is Mine, I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed the other two. Looking forward to some more yummy reading. : )

    • Talia Quinn says:

      I’m so glad you liked them, Robena! And wow, yeah, it was exhausting doing everything in triplicate. I lost track a lot.”Okay, so I made the font for the print book 11 point for Draw Me In, but have I done it yet for No Peeking? And wait, what about the back matter for What’s Yours is Mine? Is it the same in the epub version as the mobi?” I needed lists. Lots of lists. And color coding. I felt like a one-woman book factory. OTOH, I think I have the process pretty well nailed down now. 🙂

      I hope you enjoy WYIM!

  9. Elisa Beatty says:

    Oh, yes, this was MUCH better than 3-Bean salad!

    I’m halfway through WHAT”S YOURS IS MINE, and it really is fantastic! Can’t wait to read the other two.

    Congrats on the launch of a wonderful career!

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Oh, I’m glad you’re reading (and enjoying!) it, Elisa!

      And thank you! I’m still floored that people are buying my books. People I don’t know. It’s a wild feeling. Finish your books, woman, so you can have this too!

  10. Sandra Owens says:

    I can’t imagine the work involved in preparing for a Triple Launch, Talia. I read What’s Yours Is Mine and thoroughly enjoyed it. Congrats and I wish you much success.

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Hi Sandra! Yes, my head was spinning. The logistics, the mechanics, the stark “What if this is all a big mistake?” terror…

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the book! I had a blast writing it.

      Here’s to continued success for both of us!

  11. Congratulations, Talia, on your TRIPLE LAUNCH! I am so proud of you AND in awe!!! Very impressive. I have all three books and can’t WAIT to read them!! I, too, love the “stuck together” trope. ANd can’t wait to read a book with a “fermentation factory!” Love kim chee; never thought about mangoes 🙂 Again, congrats! WRITE ON! And Happy New Year!

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Aww thanks, Heather. A multi-book launch seemed like a good idea when I heard it at Nationals this year, so I jumped in headfirst.

      I wrote the novella with a couple of fermentation cookbooks open by my elbow. The things we research for our books, huh? My copy editor commented that reading the book made her crave pickles. 🙂

      And Happy New Year back atcha, sister!

  12. I loved the Newlywed Game idea. Naturally, when I read, “Opening a sporting goods store,” I actually said, aloud to my MacBook Air, “Well of COURSE that’s what Lorenda would think of!” So thank you, Lorenda, for your trademark humor as Bob Eubanks.
    What a terrific way to give us a taste of your characters, Talia. I have them all loaded up on my Kindle app and ready to go. Thanks for the swell stories, and I can’t wait to read them!

    • Talia Quinn says:

      It’s all Lorenda, Colette! And I mean that in the best way. I too thought the Newlywed Game was a great way to introduce my couples. She’s brilliant. This is a fact.

      Hope you enjoy the books. 🙂

  13. Hi Talia

    I never knew I wanted to visit Brooklyn! You make it sound like NYC’s version of Oxford or Edinburgh. Congratulations on getting three books out at once, that’s the way to hit ’em on Amazon. Instant backlist!

    Would I want to come home exhausted and find some man in my bed? There are not many men who wouldn’t get a battering with a shoe, but I’m sure I’d make an exception for your romantic hero. Top marks for such a superb set up.

    I hope 2014 brings you loads of sales. I checked out your website and thought it brilliant.

    xx Natalie

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Hi Nat! Yes, Brooklyn’s got a bit of that flavor, though since it’s part of the city, it’s a lot bigger than either town. Before it became part of NYC, it was the fourth largest city in the country, in fact, though most of the Brooklyn I know and love is centered on a particular area closer to Manhattan.

      Instant backlist is exactly right. A great way to get your name to stick in people’s minds.

      And ha re. the shoe battering! 🙂 FWIW, my hero is even more surprised than she is. After all, he was asleep!

      And thank you for the kind words about my website. I need to learn some CSS and fix up the layout at some point soon, but it’s got the right words on there, I think.

  14. Great interview, Talia and Lorenda 🙂

    I ordered my 3 copies in paperback (with a lot of tech help – thanks, Talia). I’m so looking forward to receiving them in the mail! 🙂


  15. Chris Taylor says:

    Congratulations on your launch of not one, but THREE books! How exciting! They all sound fabulous! I’m off to purchase them on my Kindle. xx

  16. Congratulations, Talia! Can’t wait to dive into your books, starting with What’s Yours is Mine. Wishing you much success on your bold venture!

    • Talia Quinn says:

      Glad you stopped by, Miranda! Is it a bold venture? I guess it is, at that. 🙂 I was so focused on the myriad tasks involved, I think it distracted me from pre-release freak outs!

      I hope you enjoy What’s Yours is Mine!

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