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We are The Firebirds, the 2012 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart ® finalists. We come from all over the world, and we write stories in every style, but there’s one thing we have in common: We love romance.

Sweetly charming or sizzling hot, rife with explosions and gunfire or the subtle social tensions of a Regency ballroom, full of the thrilling rush of first love or the slow simmer of a second-chance romance, stories of innocents and rakes, CEOs and bike messengers, vampires and angels, teenagers trying to save the world or just get a prom date, small town bakery owners and movie stars. They all get their love stories. They all get their happy endings.

Whatever your favorite flavor of happily-ever-after, come join the discussion.

Stress & the (Un)Productive Writer

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Stress—though technically not (my spellchecker eagerly reminds me), it feels like it should be a four-letter word.   You know the kind I’m talking about. Those words that made your mom threaten to wash your mouth out with soap if she heard them cross your lips. The ones you utter when you stub your toe. […]