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We are The Firebirds, the 2012 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart ┬« finalists. We come from all over the world, and we write stories in every style, but there’s one thing we have in common: We love romance.

Sweetly charming or sizzling hot, rife with explosions and gunfire or the subtle social tensions of a Regency ballroom, full of the thrilling rush of first love or the slow simmer of a second-chance romance, stories of innocents and rakes, CEOs and bike messengers, vampires and angels, teenagers trying to save the world or just get a prom date, small town bakery owners and movie stars. They all get their love stories. They all get their happy endings.

Whatever your favorite flavor of happily-ever-after, come join the discussion.

I Love Dragons…

Posted by on Sep 1 2014, 11:07 am

Especially when they look like this guy.   Today marks Day One of Are You a Dragonista?┬ámonth. “Is this a new National Holiday?” you ask. Unfortunately, no. But I’ve banded together with a group of authors who also write about dragons, and we’re doing an in-your-face push to raise awareness of all things dragon. Kinda […]